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We make more than just collars!

Designed for your pet's style

Every collar is customizable with your choice of bow ties, flowers, and personalized embroidery. We have hundreds of fabrics, dozens of thread options, and every size!

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Dog Collar World

Dog Collar World began as a hobby in 1999 and remains a family-owned company today. Every dog collar, scarf, bow tie, collar flower, and leash is lovingly designed and sewn with you and your pet’s style in mind. We are proud to partner with small businesses across the country to bring our handmade goods from Arkansas to you!

Every collar is made with care

To this day, we remain family owned. It is our promise to provide customer service on a personal level with the same attention to detail that goes into every item we produce. Our handmade collars, scarves, leashes, bow ties, and flowers are still crafted with the same care and quality as the first collar created over 20 years ago.

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